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How Long Should My Air Conditioner Run?

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In the sizzling summers of Arizona, air conditioners don’t just provide comfort; they’re a necessity. But your AC might be working overtime in the intense Arizona heat, particularly in areas like Scottsdale.

While some suggest that an air conditioner should cool your home by one degree per hour, this isn’t always feasible in the Arizona climate. How do you determine how long is too long for your AC to run?

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How Quickly Your Home Cools Depends on a Few Things

Several factors come into play when it comes to cooling your home efficiently, especially during the scorching Arizona summers. It’s not just about how long your air conditioner runs but also how well it handles the intense heat.

From the size of your home to the quality of your insulation, every aspect contributes to its overall cooling efficiency.

Here are some factors that influence how quickly and effectively your home can cool down:

  • Home size: Larger homes naturally take longer to cool.
  • Insulation & heat loss: The quality of insulation, windows, and doors significantly impacts cooling efficiency.
  • Air filters & ductwork: Clogged air filters or ductwork restrict airflow, decreasing efficiency.
  • Outdoor temperatures: The higher the outdoor temperatures, the more work your AC has to do to cool your home.

Tips on How To Cool Your Home Faster

As temperatures soar in the Arizona summer, finding effective ways to cool your home quickly becomes a top priority. It’s not just about running the air conditioner longer; it’s about smart strategies that enhance cooling efficiency and comfort.

From upgrading to high-efficiency systems to simple changes in your daily routine, these tips will keep you cool all summer:

  • Upgrade your system: Upgrade to a Lennox high-efficiency HVAC system for high performance in extreme temperatures.
  • Weatherproof: Improve the insulation in walls and attics and around windows and doors. It can keep the cool air in, reducing the workload on the AC.
  • Use fans: They circulate cool air throughout the home, leading to faster cooling. They also create a wind-chill effect, which can make the room feel cooler than it is.
  • Block sunrays: Install sunscreens, blackout curtains, or reflective window films to block the intense Arizona sun.
  • Routine maintenance: Regularly change air filters and have your HVAC system serviced annually.
  • Check your ducts: Seal ducts and leaks to keep the cool air in and the hot air out.
  • Upgrade your thermostat: Use a programmable or smart thermostat to optimize cooling schedules based on your lifestyle, reducing energy consumption when you’re not at home.
  • Enhance efficiency: Install ductless mini-splits or HVAC zoning systems to provide targeted cooling without overburdening the central air system.
  • Add plants: Plant trees or shrubs to shade windows and walls to reduce indoor temperatures.
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