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What Are Symptoms of Low Freon in an AC? Ask a Phoenix Valley HVAC Expert!

How To Know If Your AC Is Low In Freon Refrigerant

Low Freon levels in an air conditioner can lead to serious system issues. It’s important to ensure proper Freon levels for your AC with a professional. A trained technician will inspect the system, refill the Freon, and seal any leaks.

In this article, we’ll look at the function of Freon, signs that your levels are low, and how Champion Air can help ensure you have enough Freon for your cooling system.

What Is Freon & Why Is It Important For My AC?

Freon is a cooling liquid air conditioners use to cool the air that passes through the system. Also known as R-22 coolant, Freon is a colorless gas that takes in heat and humidity from the air that passes through the AC system.

It then delivers the heat energy outside the home before returning to the indoor unit to do it again.

Freon, or any AC refrigerant, is vital to the cooling process of your home. When you have little or no Freon in your air conditioning system, air moves from place to place without being cooled.

Low Refrigerant Signs & Symptoms

It’s important to know the signs that you’re low on Freon, or refrigerant. A few signs that your system needs a recharge include:

  • Warm air blowing from your vents: When the system can’t cool the air that passes through it, your AC will blow warm air.
  • Reduced airflow: Ice buildup on the coil can restrict the size of the pipe and reduce airflow.
  • Frozen evaporator coils: The entire evaporator coil can freeze, leading to little to no airflow through the system.
  • Hissing or bubbling sounds: These noises are a sign that the system is struggling to use what little refrigerant is in the system.
  • Increased energy bills: Low Freon levels can make your AC work harder, run longer, and drive up your energy bills.

Most Commonly Used Types Of Freon On The Market

There are several types of refrigerants that are often used in air conditioners. The three most common types are:

  • Chlorofluorocarbons: Also known as “CFCs,” this was a popular coolant for many years. They fell out of popularity due to their severe impact on the environment and ceased production in 1994.
  • R-22: The most common coolant on the market for decades is the one most people call “Freon.” In recent years, it’s been phased out of use due to its environmental impact and has been taken off the market as of 2020.
  • R410A: Also called “Puron,” this is the most common replacement for R-22. This refrigerant is cleaner for the environment but may require an AC system upgrade.

Schedule AC Repairs Or Maintenance With Champion Air

Since 1982, Champion Air has provided exceptional HVAC services in and around the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Count on us for same-day service, emergency services, and expert repairs.

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