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Why HVAC Maintenance Agreements Are Important

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Your HVAC unit requires regular maintenance to operate at optimum capacity. Some people prefer to call their HVAC technician only in emergency or last-minute situations. However, this is an inefficient method since the company could have other clients to serve at the time of your call. If not serviced in time, you could end up with major repair or replacement costs.

The best way to avoid such an issue is by signing a comprehensive maintenance agreement. Some still argue that you don’t need the agreement if you already have a manufacturer’s warranty. However, many warranties will only cover the parts, and if you neglect maintenance, you risk losing your warranty. A maintenance agreement enables you to receive services at a specific period to keep your house comfortable all year long. Here are various benefits of HVAC maintenance agreements.

1. Enjoy Scheduled HVAC Services

Unfortunately, most customers wait until the last minute to service their unit. HVAC technicians are usually very busy attending to emergency calls and numerous maintenance service requests in the middle of the summer or winter seasons.

When you have a maintenance agreement, the technician will prioritize you. You will receive scheduled reminders right before the date of service. Most technicians will service your unit during spring and fall, before the beginning of the peak season. Hence, you will be at peace knowing that your system will remain reliable for months to come.

2. Lower Your Cooling And Heating Bills

As an HVAC unit ages, it looses efficiency due to natural wear and tear. Thus, the unit will have to run for long hours, work extra hard, and consume more energy to maintain the required temperature in your home. One way to ensure that your unit uses less energy is by scheduling regular maintenance.

The technician will lubricate parts, repair components, and clear out dirt and debris to make your system run smoothly. They will also tighten loose connections, test the thermostat calibrations, and maximize airflow to ensure your system’s efficient operation. Maintenance agreements serve to keep HVAC units as functional as possible even as they age.

3. Obtain Discounted Services

Some people neglect HVAC maintenance in an attempt to save servicing money. However, maintenance is an investment, and you will see rewards in the future in terms of reduced energy costs and prolonged equipment life. If you opt for a maintenance agreement, you will enjoy massive discounts covering both parts and labor. The cost of servicing under a long-term contract is way more bearable compared to seeking one-off services.

4. Extend Your HVAC Unit’s Service Life

Most HVAC units can last between 10 to 15 years. However, when neglected, you might need to spend a considerable amount of money on new installations soon. On the other hand, those that receive proper care will reach this age limit and even surpass it.

When you have a maintenance agreement, the technicians ensure that your unit receives all the necessary tune-ups at the right time, which delays the unit’s acquisition and replacements for years to come. You can even put the money saved on bills and reduced repairs towards acquiring a new system when your current one reaches the end of its life.

5. Get Priority Services

Although regular HVAC maintenance helps you avoid significant heating and cooling repair, minor issues can still arise. With a maintenance agreement, you can call your technician to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Even when many calls are coming in, those with an agreement will receive priority. It’s a major advantage since most HVAC maintenance happens during peak season.

6. Get Proper Documentation Of HVAC Services

HVAC maintenance agreements are a good way to preserve comprehensive cooling and heating documentation. Whenever a technician services your unit, they will keep a record of the work. This information is essential, especially if you are still under warranty. Most manufacturers consider a warranty valid only if you perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system, and they can deny you service due to equipment neglect.

When you present documents showing that you have maintained reasonable care on your equipment, the manufacturer will have all reasons to honor the warranty in case of any problems. Additionally, if you plan to sell your house, this is a strong selling point that will help you bargain a better deal.

7. Prevent Frustrating Breakdown

With a maintenance agreement, you are less likely to skip your annual HVAC maintenance. During the inspections, the HVAC service technician can identify minor issues and fix them before they escalate into major problems. This way, you will face fewer system breakdowns or unexpected situations requiring emergency repairs.

8. Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air appears somewhat more contaminated than the outdoor. Various allergens may be present in your house, including pet dander, pollen, dirt, and dust particles. Exposure to these contaminants can cause respiratory issues for susceptible individuals. Yet, when you stick to an HVAC maintenance agreement, the technician will help clean the coils, fan motor, and other system parts to ensure that your unit circulates clean and well-filtered air.

9. Keep Your Home Safer

When you leave the house and your HVAC unit stops working, you could come back to frozen or busted pipes, especially in the winter. This could damage your property significantly, and the cost of repair could be very high. Additionally, a cracked or damaged heat exchanger could lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that could cause adverse health issues.

If you have a maintenance agreement, the technician will perform carbon monoxide tests to avoid such issues. You will also feel confident that the technician has gone through the entire servicing checklist in detail, so your unit is less likely to malfunction even when you are away.

10. Enjoy Improved Comfort

If you have a maintenance agreement, the technician will ensure that your unit distributes air steadily across all rooms. Regular maintenance also minimizes the chances that your HVAC system will distribute awful odors or make unusual noises that disrupt your quality of life. The technician will also become familiar with your home’s heating and cooling needs. They will make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your house remains comfortable throughout the year.

Additionally, when you stick with a maintenance agreement, you will build a relationship with your technicians. They can even advise you on simple maintenance tasks, and, when you are involved in the maintenance process you will eventually be able to spot problems on your own and communicate them before they get serious.

Summing Up

All equipment, the HVAC unit included, needs constant maintenance to keep it functional and useful. Signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan can save you more money in the long run. If you need professional HVAC tune-up services or sign for a maintenance plan, reach out to Champion Air.

Our company offers a wide range of services including AC and heating systems installation, repair and maintenance. We also deal with duct cleaning, air purifier installation, and filter cleaning services. You can access our services if you reside in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ. Call us now to inquire more about our HVAC maintenance plan or book any of our services.

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