Top-Rated Duct Cleaning in Phoenix and Scottsdale

    BBB Better Business Bureau A Plus RatingChampion Air has been serving the entire Phoenix metropolitan area with the highest quality of comfort services since 1982. That’s what makes us a great choice when you’re scheduling duct cleaning or in Scottsdale or anywhere in Phoenix, AZ! In addition to air duct cleaning, we’re also the premier Aeroseal team in the area. The bottom line is, if you have a need for service related to your ductwork, we’re the team to trust for quality results.

    Why choose us for duct cleaning?
    • HEPA filtration high-powered vacuum
    • HD video camera utilized for inspection
    • BBB A+ rated service
    • Lennox Premier Dealer status
    • Fast, professional, respectful services
    • 24/7 availability
    • Trusted since 1982

    We emphasize providing service to the golden rule standard. That means we’ll always treat you just like we’d want to be treated: with fast, professional, and respectful service!

    Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing Services - Champion Air Phoenix Scottsdale

    Premium Duct Cleaning in Phoenix and Scottsdale

    While you may not be able to see them, your ducts play a major role in your home comfort! From impacting the performance of your heating and cooling systems to directly affecting your indoor air quality, having clean air ducts is a must. Over time, your ductwork will naturally accumulate dust, debris, and other contaminants that should be regularly cleaned out. Otherwise, that dust and debris will be blown out and spread around your home when you turn on the heat or cooling. It will also circulate back into your filter and through your systems, potentially causing performance issues. By hiring us for duct cleaning in Phoenix or Scottsdale, you can have your air ducts professionally cleaned for optimal efficiency and improved air quality.

    Trusted Aeroseal Service

    In addition to cleaning your ducts, Champion Air is also a trusted Aeroseal duct sealing team throughout the Phoenix metro and Scottsdale areas. Over time, your ductwork can slowly deteriorate, developing cracks and leaks that are a major source of wasted money and lost treated air. Having leaky or damaged ducts means that the air your heating and cooling systems work so hard to get at the right temperature for you escapes before it leaves the vents. This results in your systems working even harder than they need to, accelerating their wear and tear unnecessarily and increasing your energy costs.

    That’s why Champion Air offers the best duct sealing solution on the market: Aeroseal!

    Top benefits of Aeroseal duct cleaning
    • Improves ductwork health
    • Reduces energy costs
    • Proven safe and effective
    • Only takes a few hours of your time
    • Improves ductwork health
    • Reduces strain on heating and cooling systems
    • Allows for better airflow from ducts and vents
    • Long-lasting solution to leaky or cracked ductwork

    Aeroseal is a perfectly safe, non-toxic formula that we use to completely seal the cracks, leaks, and holes in your air ducts. It’s been used and trusted by schools, hotels, and major companies around the world for over 20 years. Our team can finish Aeroseal duct sealing in your home quickly and effectively, making it a fast and simple way to improve your comfort, save money, and enjoy greater air quality throughout your property.

    Call Today for Duct Cleaning and Aeroseal Service

    Whether you’re looking to have some routine duct cleaning or are interested in having our crew perform Aeroseal duct sealing in your home, let us know. Our entire staff is 100% committed to your total satisfaction in all that we do. It’s why we love to say with our team, you’ll always win!

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