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What Is the Best Humidity Level for Homes in Arizona?

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Arizona is renowned for its dry, desert climate, with low humidity levels all year. While this might be a welcome alternative to the hot, humid conditions in other areas of the country, it’s not always great in terms of indoor comfort. But what exactly is the ideal humidity level for homes in Arizona?

In this blog post, the comfort specialists at Champion Air answer this question and more as we help define what the best humidity level is for local families and what they can do to ensure they achieve optimal humidity in their homes.

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The Impacts of Humidity on Arizona Homes

When your humidity levels are out of balance, it can have a significant impact on your daily life and indoor comfort.

For instance, high humidity can produce damp conditions that make your home more susceptible to mold and mildew growth. This can result in significant health consequences, including allergies and respiratory illness.

On the other hand, too-low humidity can also lead to unwanted side effects, including:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Coughing and throat discomfort
  • Worsened allergy symptoms
  • Static electricity buildup

What’s the Ideal Humidity Range for a Home?

While the ideal humidity range for your home will depend on your personal comfort preferences and health concerns, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests keeping your indoor environment between 40% and 60% humidity.

However, if you have concerns about mold and mildew growth, it’s recommended to keep your humidity level below 50%.

Indoor humidity levels can be directly impacted by the temperature outside. To help you understand what humidity level is ideal for your home based on the outdoor temperature, use the guide below:

Outdoor Temperature

Ideal Humidity Level



20ºF to 50ºF


10ºF to 20ºF



The Importance of Indoor Humidity Control

Whole-home humidifierIndoor humidity control is especially important in areas like Phoenix that have arid desert climates and an annual monsoon season to contend with.

In desert climates where humidity can be extremely low, maintaining adequate indoor humidity can help you avoid issues like dry skin, respiratory problems, and increased susceptibility to allergens.

On the other hand, when humidity levels may rise during monsoon season, keeping your indoor humidity in check can help prevent mold and mildew growth, which can thrive in excessively damp conditions.

Striking the right balance will help ensure you have a comfortable, healthy indoor environment, regardless of the weather.

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Champion Air Offers Top-Notch Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Need help managing the humidity in your Phoenix-area home? Champion Air offers the powerful indoor air quality solutions you need to keep your home comfortable all year. We specialize in installing and replacing whole-home humidifiers, perfect for combatting the desert conditions that can make Arizona homes dry and uncomfortable.

With over 40 years of local service experience and a deep commitment to your satisfaction, there’s no better team than Champion Air to help you meet your humidity needs.

Request humidifier installation in Phoenix today by calling our team at 480-748-4000.

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