DLSC or Elite System Financing Offers*

Finance a new Lennox system for as low as $116 a month

(based on $10,000 retail system and a payment factor of 1.16%)

Plan Description Promo Rate Lennox Refund Dealer Cost
4316 3 Month No Interest No Payments Rolled Into 6.99% APR for 120 Months 5.00% 5.00% 0.00%
3060 60 Months Equal Payments No Interest 14.90% 5.00% 9.90%
3036 36 Months Equal Payments No Interest 13.25% 5.00% 8.25%

Qualifying System Options

Eligible Indoor Unit Options Eligible Outdoor Unit Options Required Reimbursement
SLP98V, CBA38MV, SL280V, SLO185V, GWM, EL296E, EL196E, EL280E, CBA27UH, CBA25UHV, MWM, MCF, M22/M33, MMD XP/XC25, XP/XC21, XP/XC20, SL18XP/C1, XP/XC16, EL16XP1, EL16XC1, LRP16, LRP14, MLA, MPB Qualifying Thermostat or System “Add-On” $1,100 max