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Why Arizona Garages With Car Chargers Need To Be Air Conditioned

Arizona is no stranger to scorching temperatures, and for residents who have recently switched to electric vehicles and plan to install a level 2 EV charging station in their garage, it’s crucial to understand the importance of keeping that space cool.

With the rising popularity of EVs, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your garage is essential to ensure the efficient and safe charging of your electric vehicle.

In this blog, we’ll explore why Arizona homeowners should consider air conditioning their garages for their EV chargers and how it can benefit their vehicles and overall charging efficiency.

Why Arizona Homeowners Need Air-Conditioned Garages For EV Chargers

garage with a ductless minisplit installed to cool an EV charger

Arizona’s summer heat doesn’t spare anything in its path. That includes your garage and your EV charger. But why should Arizona residents specifically be concerned about air conditioning their garages for their electric vehicle chargers?

  • Efficient charging: EV chargers operate most efficiently within a specific temperature range. Extreme heat can lead to reduced charging efficiency, slowing the process and potentially damaging the charger itself.
  • Battery health: Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can also negatively impact your EV’s battery life. By maintaining a cooler garage, you can help preserve your battery’s longevity.
  • Safety: Overheated charging stations can pose safety risks. By keeping a cool garage, you can reduce the chances of accidents and fires.

Can EV Chargers Overheat?

Yes, EV chargers can overheat, and the temperature in your garage plays a significant role. When it’s too hot, your charging station may struggle to dissipate the heat generated during the charging process, leading to potential overheating issues. To combat this, Arizona homeowners should consider installing AC systems in their garages.

man plugging in an EV charger

Mini-split air conditioning systems or routing AC ducts to the garage can help maintain a comfortable temperature, even in the scorching Arizona summer. This will allow your EV charger to operate at its optimum temperature, ensuring faster and safer charging.

Ductless mini-splits are perfect for garages because they’re easy to install and can provide both cooling and heating. Plus, they’re much more energy-efficient than traditional ACs.

Schedule HVAC Service With Champion Air

Don’t let the blazing Arizona sun ruin your EV experience. Champion Air can help you take control of your garage’s climate with our expert HVAC team. We’ll transform your garage into a cool oasis for your EV charger so you can charge your car in comfort and style. Our ductless mini-splits are reliable efficient, and provide unmatched service.

You can depend on Champion Air for:

Schedule ductless mini-split installation with us at 480-748-4000 today and enjoy a cooler garage tomorrow.

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